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Our residents decide upon our home activities

We want to exercise the desires and needs of our residents as much as we can. That's why we arrange a monthly committee meeting to discuss our residential home activities, both within the home and outside in the wider community. It is part of our philosophy and our residents love being involved.


So what makes up our activities? Well, recent activities have included a summer garden fete, at which our residents produced highly-regarded jams, cookies, olive oils and hand painted place mats. Other successful activities have included canal trips upon the River Way and around Basingstoke. We also have an annual trip to Buckingham Palace.

Our monthly and weekly special events are just part of what we and our residents do. What makes up our daily living includes board games, carol services, flower arranging, exercising and baking afternoons.


Although we'd love all residents to take part in our elderly care activities, these activities are not mandatory and we place no burden upon those who wish not to take part. It is our belief that each resident choose what they want to do.

Our range of daily elderly care activities

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