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Our elderly care philosophy and why it matters

We believe strongly in the independence and privacy concerns of our elderly residents. That's why we've developed an elderly care philosophy tailored specifically to suit each resident. We ensure that all residents will receive the same care, by following our philosophy in every practice.


When it comes to matters of privacy we seek to allow our residents as much privacy as they would like. They may pursue any interest, decorate their rooms with personal belongings and use their private space for leisure, meals and entertaining as they see fit. Where we provide support it will be as discrete as possible.

In matters of independence, dignity, choice and their own fulfilment, our philosophy serves to allow them as much freedom as possible, with help given upon request. Our residential home is built around the needs of our residents.


When your loved one comes into our home we will endeavour to give them as much or little support as required. All records are strictly confidential, and care planning is made with residents and their families.

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